Problem with BSS properties

Marcel Holtmann marcel
Sat Dec 26 13:30:11 PST 2009

Hi Jouni,

> > The other thing are the quality and noise properties. Do you still want
> > these? Or can we just go for a signal property showing the dBm value
> > like iw scan does. I don't see any extra value in keeping deprecated
> > values in the new API.
> Please lets get rid of them. One signal strength value that could be
> trusted to contain some useful data is much better than three with
> semi-random values no one can figure out.. Quality has never been
> defined properly and noise is not even a property of a BSS (it is per
> channel and should not have been mixed with scan results in the first
> place).

so should we just use the signal value in dBm from the BSS results or
try to create a strength value that indicates percentage?



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