WPA supplicant in adhoc mode

LAMBA Jaideep Jaideep.Lamba
Tue Dec 22 11:12:46 PST 2009

>> I am running into the MLME-REPLAYFAILURE issues with wpa_supplicant
>> adhoc mode with madwifi drivers.

>> My configuration file looks like
>> #IBSS/ad-hoc network with WPA-NONE/TKIP
>WPA-None is a horrible hack which does not support sequence number
updates and as such can easily result in replay protecting dropping more
or less all frames.
>> This goes on for some time and then the two devices can talk
>This is quite expected behavior with WPA-None. Once you've transmitted
enough frames, the devices catch up with whatever they thought was the
last used seq# and start accepting frames again.
>> Can somebody please point me to what am I missing here. 
>The part that WPA-None is broken by design and should really not be
used.. ;-)

Thank-you for the explanation.
So does that mean I cannot use wpa_supplicant in adhoc mode for WPA
security ?? What are my options for security in Adhoc mode ? 


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