WPA-PSK on Thinkpad T40

Stephen Bosch posting
Wed Dec 16 04:41:08 PST 2009

> Instead of trying to figure out how Windows handles an odd network key,
> I would suggest asking whoever is operating the AP to tell what exactly
> that key is (i.e., how was the AP configured)..

Which is what I have since done.

You have all been more or less correct. I had, for reasons which are
not entirely clear to me at this point, a completely incorrect key.

I have not yet tried it with the livecd, but given that deleting my
Windows WLAN settings and using the key I thought to be correct didn't
work, I think the chances are pretty good that it will work with the
other, correct key :)

I'm feeling a bit sheepish now... but the intuition proved correct,
and I humbly thank you all for your help, which was much appreciated.


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