Create a new network

Pujeri, Prabhakar c_ppujer
Thu Aug 6 09:16:00 PDT 2009

First check whether network is available or not by this command
Iwlist wlan0 scan

If wlan0 is ur wireless interface

If it?s available  then send me scan result and  wpa_supplicant configuration to me


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Anybody can help me ?
2009/8/3 Atton Jonathan <jonathan.atton at<mailto:jonathan.atton at>>

I try to create a new network with wpa_supplicant (wp2 personnal). My first computer is supposed to create the wireless network and my second computer have to detect this network.
Currently I have a configuration for the first computer but the network is not created, wpa_supplicant try to connect to the network but it can't as the network doesn't exists :/

A special option is necessary to do this ?


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