master mode does not longer remain

Rubén González alukardx
Tue Sep 30 09:09:48 PDT 2008

hi everybody,

sorry, but I'm new in using hostap drivers and I know almost nothing about
the driver. I have a Prism2/2.5/3 based wlan card, and I want to configure
it as an access point. I enter the following, as is told on Jason's Web

:~# ifconfig wlan0
:~# iwconfig wlan0 essid w_net
:~# iwconfig wlan0 channel 1
:~# iwconfig wlan0 mode master

and then my PC becomes an AP. but it doesn't stay in this mode for long.
some seconds later, when I type :~#iwconfig wlan0, I notice that wlan0 has
turned again into managed mode. my distro is a Debian 4.04 with a 2.6.18
kernel version with the configuration described at the web page above, and I
also have the latest versions of hostap drivers and other packages listed.
can anybody suggest me a way to make the acces point not to return to a
managed mode?

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