ath9k + hostap

msladek at msladek
Mon Sep 29 22:23:54 PDT 2008


I am trying to run hostap with AR5416 802.11abgn Wireless PCI Adapter
but I always get this error message:

Failed to create interface mon.wlan0.
nl80211 driver initialization failed.
rmdir[ctrl_interface]: No such file or directory

Detailed description of my installation procedure follows:

1. I have installed CentOS 5.2.

2. I have downloaded kernel to 2.6.27-rc7 from

3. I have patched the kernel with,
I have compiled it and installed it.

4. I have compiled compat-wireless-2008-09-27 snapshot from
and updated kernel modules. It's possible to compile it only if you
copy include/linux/if_ether.h from wireless-testing git repository to
compat-wireless-2008-09-27/include/linux (thanks to Luis R. Rodriguez
and Amit Sood for advice).

5. I have compiled libnl-1.1 It's possible to compile it only if you
copy include/linux/if_vlan.h from git repository to libnl-1.1/include/linux.

6. I have compiled hostapd both version 0.6.4 and git repository version
with the same result I have described above.

Can somebody help me please?


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