wpa_supplicant v0.6.3 not seeing 2nd ESSID on one BSSID when scanning

Jouni Malinen j
Mon Sep 29 01:13:57 PDT 2008

On Sun, Sep 28, 2008 at 10:24:21PM -0700, David Ehrmann wrote:

> I'm using ndiswrapper, and I have ap_scan=1, so wpa_supplicant does the 
> scanning.
> After a disconnect, the BSSID getting blacklisted, then unblacklisted, 
> the scan can't find the second ESSID on a BSSID--the one I'm trying to 
> connect to.

The second SSID in "hidden SSID" and you won't find it with ap_scan=1
when using NDIS drivers.

> Should I be using ap_scan=1 for an ndiswrapper interface?

Not in this case. If you need to connect to a hidden SSID (including
this type of multiple SSIDs per BSSID cases), you will need to use
ap_scan=2 when using NDIS drivers (including the use via ndiswrapper).

> Is not seeing the interface a wpa_supplicant bug?  Is it a driver bug?

No and no. It's a known limitation of function set in this type of
combination, not a bug..

> I do have scan_ssid=1 set.

NDIS interface does not support scan_ssid=1, so the only option is to
use ap_scan=2 and explicitly set the security parameters.

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