wpa_supplicant v0.6.3 not seeing 2nd ESSID on one BSSID when scanning

David Ehrmann ehrmann
Sun Sep 28 22:24:21 PDT 2008

I'm using ndiswrapper, and I have ap_scan=1, so wpa_supplicant does the 

After a disconnect, the BSSID getting blacklisted, then unblacklisted, 
the scan can't find the second ESSID on a BSSID--the one I'm trying to 
connect to.

The AP I'm connecting to has two ESSIDs: one open, one with WPA.  One 
scan looks for an AP with WPA.  The first block of APs has a "skip - 
SSID mismatch," the second block (this is where the correct BSSID shows 
up, but with the wrong open ESSID) has "skip - no WPA/RSN IE."

Then it tries to find a non-WPA network, but for all of them prints 
"skip - SSID mismatch."

Should I be using ap_scan=1 for an ndiswrapper interface?  Is not seeing 
the interface a wpa_supplicant bug?  Is it a driver bug?  I know this 
problem pops up a lot, but I'm never sure if it's the driver or the 
scanning program that's screwing up.

I do have scan_ssid=1 set.

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