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Sun Oct 19 02:44:04 PDT 2008

hardware can and does accept multiple frames for transmission, but only
has a global failure counter. There have been some ideas floating around
to fix this, but all would have meant some false positives and/or false
negatives. Thus, the rt2x00 drivers return 'unknown' rather than 'success'
or 'failure'.

I believe mac80211 then translates 'unknown' into 'failure' and hostapd
acts accordingly. There probably is a possible solution involving both,
mac80211 and hostapd to deal with 'unknown', but most other hardware
doesn't have the problem, so the motivation seems to be lacking.

Personally, I hacked the rt73usb driver to return 'success'. I'm aware
that this can cause problems, but within the scope of my application,
it works.

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