Unnoticed lost association with iwl3945

gustavodn at gmail.com gustavodn
Sun Oct 19 22:01:41 PDT 2008


I'm having this problem: https://qa.mandriva.com/show_bug.cgi?id=43441

Specifically, quoting my own comment #13:

I did some tests here, and found out this happens as follows:
- wpa_supplicant associates
- ifplugd starts dhclient with the previous leases file as argument (e.g.
-lf /var/lib/dhcp/dhclient-wlan0.leases ...)
- dhclient tries to request a previous IP from the leases file
- if that IP is available all is well
- if that IP isn't available, dhclient sets the environment and runs
/sbin/dhclient-script, which does 'ifconfig down' on the interface to
routes and clear arp cache"

Once put down, the interface loses association, at least in the case of
iwl3945. But wpa_supplicant doesn't notice that and believes it is still
associated, and never retries to reassociate that interface again on its

I'm not sure who is at fault here. Don't know if the interface should lose
association when put down (but I think that makes sense, since when down it
could do something to save power etc. and possibly not be expected to be
working...). But I think wpa_supplicant should notice the interface
disassociation in some way, instead of just believing its own state

Any thoughts?

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