hostapd listen interval = zero?

Stefan Steuerwald salsasepp
Sun Nov 23 06:34:27 PST 2008

>> In short: there's "traffic for you" beacons (TIM bit set), the client
>> wakes up, but no data is sent by the AP, and the client goes to sleep
>> again. I hoped this would maybe behave properly with your latest
>> patch.
> If the AP was timing out the buffered frames, it should really clear the
> TIM bit, too, at the same time..

That's exactly what I see occasionally, after only 2 beacons with the
correct TIM bit set.

>> Which piece of code is responsible for sending the buffered data after
>> a client wakes up? Would this be in hostapd or in the driver? Where to
>> look? I'm using the nl80211 driver.
> mac80211 (see net/mac80211/rx.c and ap_sta_ps_end())

Thank you! That helps.

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