hostapd listen interval = zero?

Stefan Steuerwald salsasepp
Sat Nov 22 08:54:22 PST 2008

I'm putting this great software to good use!
However I have issues with my iPod which may or may not be related to hostapd.

Please see .
I still see the behaviour mentioned therein with the latest hostapd from git.

My iPod wants to associate with listen_interval=10, gets associated ok
and when I dump the hostapd state, it says 0. Please see the attached
hostapd log (the log has "listen_interval=10" (!), so the value seems
to get lost somewhere).

hostapd state dump - Sat Nov 22 17:25:53 2008
num_sta=1 num_sta_non_erp=0 num_sta_no_short_slot_time=0

 capability=0x421 listen_interval=0
 supported_rates=82 84 8b 96 24 30 48 6c 0c 12 18 60
 timeout_next=NULLFUNC POLL

Thanks for looking into this,
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