wpa_supplicant Integration with Linux Domain Login

SYED ANWAR UL HASAN syed_anwar2007
Fri Nov 21 06:22:11 PST 2008

Thanks Jouni and Saber for your help.

Regarding the PAM API, that reads the User and Password, I didn't know their is a PAM Module for that. I will try to write a module by going through PAM module writers guide and then integrate with wpa_suppplicant. 

As of now, I don't have much details about this. 



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On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 02:40:36PM +0530, SYED ANWAR UL HASAN wrote:

> ? I want to use wpa_supplicant to use Linux Domain Login Credentials
instead of mentioning in the conf file about the identity of user i.e?
user at somedomain and also specifying his password.
> My Linux User Domain Authentication is done using Active Directory
Kerberos with PAM UNIX configuration and I want wpa_supplicant to read the Login
Identity so that a Single Sign On Solution can be possible with 802.1X for Linux
Supplicants .

There is currently no support for doing that in the wpa_supplicant. Or
well, I would assume it would be possible to write an external program
to do that and use it with wpa_supplicant, but anyway, this is not
included as an integrated part of wpa_supplicant.

Would you happen to know whether there is a supported PAM API for
receiving the username and cleartext password for the currently logged
in user? Any pointers to documentation for such an API?

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