nl80211: Failed to enable userspace MLME (IEEE 802.11r)

Ahmad Ali Tabassam ahmadthe8
Fri Nov 21 03:36:16 PST 2008

Hello everyone
nl80211 is a wireless driver communication transport between a userspace and kernelspace. Moving from kernelspace to userspace mlme; kernel code must consider SMP in almost all cases, while userspace code can be written as a single thread. The important argument is that having this code in userspace makes it a lot more replaceable and allows experiments with it, as for 802.11r (fast bss roaming), 802.11s (mesh networking) and 802.11w (encrypted management) etc.
As SoftMAC is a term used to describe a type of wireless card where the MLME is expected to be managed in software, mac80211 is a new wireless driver API for SoftMAC wireless cards:
I am trying to work on 802.11r for client side using wpa_supplicant 0.6.5 and nl80211 driver. I have ath5k compatible chipset (AR52512) and I also patched userspace_mlme_allow_bssid_mismatch.patchand
vif_conf.patch. When I run the wpa_supplicant 
root at mobile-node#wpa_supplicant ?-Dnl80211 ?-iwlan0 ?-puse_mlme=1 ?-c wpa_supplicant.ft_psk.conf
Failed to set interface wlan0 mode
Could not configure driver to use managed mode
nl80211: Failed to enable userspace MLME
Driver interface rejected driver_param ?use_mlme=1?

I compiled the wpa_supplicant 0.6.5 with the following configuration
CFLAGS += -I$(LIBNL)/include
LIBS += -L$(LIBNL)/lib
CFLAGS += -I$(WIRELESS_DEV)/net/mac80211
I have the following configuration for my testbed components:
* Ubuntu Desktop 8.10
* wireless-testing kernel tree (2.6.28-rc4-wl).
*patches userspace_mlme_allow_bssid_mismatch.patch and vif_conf.patch. 
* libnl 1.1;
* development release ?wpa_suppliant 0.6.5;
* nl80211 driver;
*ath5k compatible chipset (AR52512); ath5k loaded successfully
?Does any one?have some idea for this solution, ?Best Regards 
Ahmad Ali Tabassam

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