Does wpa supplicant version 0.6.4 support Windows

Brijesh Shukla shukla.brijesh
Tue Nov 11 04:33:57 PST 2008

Hi Yoshi,
Thank you very much for your guidelines.
As you have suggested me that there is no change required in
supplicant, then I think I have to just write a SHV for windows 2008
which can grant Linux machine ( And I can extend again different
different health check based on tncc_build_soh() function and a server
side SHV.
 Thanks for letting me know about Avenda, and Unet, however long back
I talked them and there software is not free, I am planning to make an
open platform for Linux-NAP. I have studied most of the NAP feature
and architecture in windows 2008 and VISTA.
  And almost I have designed the software NAP Linux client software
for 802.1x and IPsec.
I will happy if you can help me in any way to develop open source NAP
framework for Linux.
By the way my personal e-mail id is --- shukla.brijesh at  (I
will happy to see your e-mail in my mail box )

Thanks & Regards
Brijesh Shukla

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