Zd1211rw driver: does it have hostapd support ?

David Shwatrz dshwatrz
Sun Nov 9 02:04:32 PST 2008


zd1211rw is a mac80211 driver; it supports master mode.

Can I use hostapd as a user space daemon for an access point with a zd1211rw

I did not see in the readme any mention of zd1211rw drivers (as far
as I know, Atheros chip set (ar521x) is not the chip set I have.

Any tips on how hostapd.conf should be configured (in case hostapd does support
zd1211rw driver) are welcomed.

The ZyDas USB wireless nic device I have has this info: (vendor id and
device id).
lsusb | more
Bus 001 Device 004: ID 0ace:1211 ZyDAS 802.11b/g USB2 WiFi


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