wpa_supplicant-0.6.1 IBSS Mode

Vladimir Koutny vlado
Tue May 6 00:05:06 PDT 2008

>> I'm just trying to get this working with driver_wext on a mac80211-based
>> driver (wireless-testing version), which won't allow you to change the
>> mode once the interface is up.
> There's two ways to fix this then:
> 1) teach wpa_supplicant about the separate mac80211 master and STA
> interfaces, which could be ugly, since the mac80211 bits are obviously
> linux specific (although net80211 on BSD probably works like mac80211 as
> well).
> 2) make mac80211 STA devices allow switching between master and adhoc
> mode on the fly, if they don't.  I had thought they could.

They don't, and the code therein is quite clear about that. Btw., I've seen
some other drivers around that didn't allow this (although those were some
probably-unreleased pieces of code).

Is there a clear definition in wext of how device drivers implementing it
should behave in this respect?
(I'm going to try just bringing the interface down&up in driver_wext_associate,
just to see if it breaks anything else..)


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