Segmentation Faults in hostapd with NetBSD

David Dudley DavidDu
Fri Jun 13 08:18:41 PDT 2008

I'm running hostapd version 0.6.2 on NetBSD.

About every couple of hours or so, the program segfaults.  When I
restart it, it will segfault 2 or 3 times upon restarting (first
quickly, in a second or two, next more slowly, maybe in 10 seconds, then
perhaps again, perhaps not), before assuming a stable operation for
another period of time.

This is on NetBSD 4, on a Soekris net5501, with an Atheros network

I've finally gotten PEAP authentication to work to my remotes, and am
amazed at how smoothly things work, but this fault keeps plaguing the
system.  wpa_supplicant just waits and then restablishes the link when
the program comes back, but it's a pain that it fails.

Would updating to the latest version possibly cure the problem?  I know
that 0.6.2 is not the latest, so would be glad to take that route if it
might be an improvement.

David Dudley

PS: My next question is going to be on how to authorize Windows XP
clients to use the system.  Whenever I try to authenticate one, it says
something about needing a certificate?

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