[PATCH] nl80211 driver: fix beacon interval setting

Jouni Malinen j
Tue Jun 3 07:38:16 PDT 2008

On Wed, May 21, 2008 at 11:35:30PM +0200, Johannes Berg wrote:

> Ok, I looked at this, but I really need the ifname in more functions:
>  - del_beacon (could be hacked around by looking at the bssid.. yuck)

del_beacon() is an internal driver_nl80211.c function and it is only
called from i802_deinit().. If this is needed separately for each
virtual interface, it would be up to driver_nl80211.c to iterate through
the interfaces..

>  - set_beacon_int

Are you really planning on supporting different beacon intervals for
virtual interfaces?

>  - set_sta_vlan

Already gets in ifname..

>  - sta_set_flags
>  - sta_remove
>  - flush
>  - read_sta_data

I somehow thought that the STA table was global for all virtual
interfaces, but if that is not the case, adding ifname for these
functions sounds reasonable. 

>  - sta_add

Already gets in ifname..

> For not all of the sta functions it is necessary, but since I'm trying
> to move towards a "stations are per virtual interface" model in mac80211
> it will probably become necessary, and at least sta_set_flags needs it
> because of the 802.1x setting.

OK. I kind of want to declare 0.6.x stable soon which would mean no
backward incompatible changes to struct wpa_driver_ops, but well, maybe
we are still far enough from that, so we could just sneak in the simple
change of adding the extra argument and updating the driver interfaces
that are included in the hostapd package. It might be good to redesign
the wpa_driver_ops functions during early 0.7.x work in order to cleanup
whatever mess is left there (and also to get hostapd and wpa_supplicant
driver interfaces closer to eachother).

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