prism_srec PDA file question

Alexander Mahr mahralex
Sat Jan 26 09:35:01 PST 2008

my name ist Alexander (I'm new to the list, and I'm already having a question and hope for your help)

I know that the tool prism2_srec is a quite cautious when it comes to flashing what is saved on the card. This seems to be especially true for changing values in the (text format) PDA file. 

In the pursue to get a better TX-Power (mine is really inhibiting any use of the card as it is really low), I want to change the Calibration Integrators (mine are as low as 0x65 instead of what I've seen on other cards PDA 0xfa
for most of the bands.

After all my question is how I might be able to get more TX power and thus a better connection by altering what is saved in the PDA of the card and how I may use prism2_srec to really store the values (the changed Calibration Integrators for examples are not writen to the card)

Instead it says Plugging 0x301.......

I also cannot unterstand why there is no iwconfig [interface) TXPOWER 
functionality with the hostap-drivers.

After all I wasn't even able to figure out what version of th hostap driver I use (I think this depends on the kernel version, does it?)

Thanks to all helpful people , and those how don't flame though I might have broken some rules in nettiquette

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