[PATCH 2/3]: wpa_gui-qt4: new layout for wpagui main network selection form

Jouni Malinen j
Thu Jan 24 19:36:49 PST 2008

On Fri, Jan 25, 2008 at 02:14:44AM +1000, Kel Modderman wrote:
> This patch changes  substantially the layout of the main wpa_gui network
> selection form.

Hmm.. This makes the main dialog much larger. I don't think that this
would be a good direction to take.

> * Adds new Networks menu, move some cruft from File menu here

This is fine.

> * Removes Network combobox
> * Adds Networks Box containing a network listview widget

I don't think I would like to see this change for the main page. It
would be fine to add a new dialog (or alternatively, a separate tab for
this while the status fields would be on the first tab) that has the
Networks group as the only element .

> * Also adds many useful buttons to View/Edit, Add/Remove, Enable/Disable and
>   Select any network that can be selected, without triggering select_network
>   command, from the network list with single mouse click.

Same here.. I don't want to do this on the main page (or well,
whatever that first window would be called). The goal of that page is to
provide easy access to showing the current status of the connection and
quick network selection. Anything more complex (network setup) should
not make this initial view more confusing.

> * Double clicking on network list triggers set_network command for selected
>   network.

This would also be fine on a separate dialog/tab.

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