hostapd-0.6.x link error

Christian Fackroth Proger
Thu Jan 24 10:25:24 PST 2008


I found my mistake. In the older version I got a segmentation fault during
starting hostapd after I compile hostapd with the wext driver option successfull.
So I use the madwifi interface for hostapd and this works for all versions.
I suggest that hostapd don't support wext for a particular reason.


> Hi,
> I get the follow link error:
> hostapd.o: In function `hostapd_wpa_auth_send_ether':
> /.../hostapd/hostapd.c:897: undefined reference to `l2_packet_send'
>  during build hostapd-0.6.1 or hostapd-0.6.2. I use the follow entry in
> the .config file which works in hostapd-0.5.8 fine:
> Could it be that I forgot something in the .config file which is new or is a
> error in the hostapd.c file which I have to correct?
> Thanks in advance,
>  Christian
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