Timur Alperovich timur.alperovich
Thu Jan 24 09:55:58 PST 2008


I found a strange behavior when experimenting with SET_GENERIC_ELEMENT
command. If I set a custom element to the following hex string:
dd 0c 47 55 4d 00 00 68 6f 70 73 5f 30 39, and then to a shorter string, it
screws up the packets, as the last byte is still present in the beacons,
meaning all the packets have 0x39 appended to them. The hex string I set it
to can be interpreted as Vendor Specific IE (0xDD), of length 12 (0x0C),
Vendor GUM (0x47 0x55 0x4d), 0000 - separator, and then "hops_09". Changing
the last string to "hops_9" results in beacons that have "hops_99" in the
end. I didn't look through the driver code very thoroughly, but figured I'd
let people know about this.

Also, I'm using FW STA 1.7.4 and I'm not sure if that has anything to do
with it. Is there a clear_generic_element command? That seems like the way
to fix this.

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