Failures Stop with DEBUG Enabled

Hunt, G Andrew andrew
Thu Jan 10 17:29:47 PST 2008


I am running the hostap driver version 0.4.9 on an ARM processor with kernel.  I am using a generic prism 2.5 compact flash card with
firmware 1.7.4.  I periodically have wlan0 failures with dmesg output 'hw
not ready'.  This failure seems to occur most frequently when I transmit
large amounts of data to-and-from my ppp device.

Strangely, when I enable PRISM2_IO_DEBUG the problem does not occur. 
Before I try to dig into the source code, I wonder if anyone knows why
enabling debug mode would eliminate the failure?  What is done differently
when debug is enabled?

Any help is appreciated.

Andrew H.

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