wpa_gui-qt4 status

Kel Modderman kel
Tue Jan 1 17:47:36 PST 2008

Hi Jouni,

On Friday 28 December 2007 14:23:24 Jouni Malinen wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 28, 2007 at 01:22:46PM +1000, Kel Modderman wrote:
> > A year or so ago, it was suggested to stick with the QT3 wpa_gui variant
> > for a while, because the port to QT4 was incomplete (and still required
> > QT3 compat stuff).
> >
> > The last few commits seemed to change this, is wpa_gui-qt4 now pretty
> > good to use?
> Yes, I would say so. As far as functionality and fixes are concerned, it
> is now actually even better than Qt3 version and I'm more likely to do
> future development with the Qt4 version while Qt3 version is mainly
> maintained only for backwards compatibility for systems that do not have
> Qt4.
> I'm now using Qt4 on my Linux system and consequently, the wpa_gui-qt4
> version seems more natural one to work with. In addition, I just changed
> the Windows binary builds to use the native Qt4 version (they had always
> used Qt4 toolchain, but until today, they were using the old wpa_gui
> directory with Qt3 support in Qt4).
> > On a related note, I see these warnings when starting the current
> > wpa_gui-qt4:
> >
> > $ wpa_gui
> > QObject::connect: Connecting from COMPAT signal (QAction::activated())
> I don't see these on either Linux (Qt 4.3.2) or Windows (Qt 4.3.3)
> builds. Which version of Qt are you using? This is clearly documented to
> be Qt3 compatibility signal, but it is somewhat surprising that it is
> still working.. Anyway, I'll fix that by changing the activated()
> signals to triggered() which seems to be the new name for this QAction
> signal.


> > Also, when I start wpa_gui, and the supplicant has already successfully
> > connected to a network predefined in the network configurion (id=1 in
> > this case), the network id presented in the 'Network:' combo box is set
> > to '0', and if I attempt to change this to '1' (which is currently active
> > network) in an attempt to modify that networks settings, connection is
> > lost and the supplicant seems to experience difficulties (trying to
> > reassociate to an already associated-to network?). Log attached.
> >
> > Network 0 is the catch all associate-to-any-open network block.
> >
> > Update: If I open wpa_cli, and attempt to `select_network 1` and already
> > connected to network id=1, the same thing happens.
> wpa_gui and wpa_cli should behave pretty much same here as far as
> network selection is concerned. The only difference would be in the way
> wpa_gui automatically updates that combo box and that may sometimes be a
> bit confusing..


I've identified the problem with the network id combo box; QT4's
QCombobox::insertItem(). The way it is used in wpa_gui-qt4 causes each new
network id to be prepended to the list and not appended.

Patch in separate mail to list.

> Based on a quick look through the log, this looks like a potential
> driver issue since wpa_supplicant seems to be trying to associate, but
> driver does not react to this in any way or well, at least not in a way
> that is visible to wpa_supplicant. Which driver are you using?

ipw2200. I suspect something fishy with the driver also, or even the hardware.
Will try and reproduce with some other adaptor.

Thanks, Kel.

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