Asymmetric encryption

Damien Leroy damien.leroy
Mon Dec 22 07:53:43 PST 2008

Actually, I see now where is the issue if I try to parse the public key 
ASN1 structure but I do not know how to generate them in the right way 
(except manually). For the moment, the only solution I found to work 
with public keys is to parse the private key that have a beginning with 
the correct structure and to comment the content remaining check... but 
it is not really a true solution.

Damien Leroy a ?crit :
> What do you mean by "encapsulation" ?
> I simply output the der file using "openssl rsa -in F_pv.pem -out 
> F_pb.der -outform DER -pubout" and I do not see any encapsulation 
> option. Is it wrong ?

Damien Leroy
Computer Science & Engineering Dept. (INGI)
UCLouvain - Belgium 

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