Compiling hostapd from git with libnl also from git...

john dowd jdowdster
Mon Dec 8 12:56:44 PST 2008


I finally did get it to compile by just changing the reference to
"handle" to a reference to "socket" (in the hostapd code) and it
compiled just fine. I seem to be caught between a change in the
application to use handles as opposed to the library to call it a
socket. Does this make sense to you and does my fix appear to be

Thanks for the reply by the way.


On Mon, Dec 8, 2008 at 3:44 PM, Jouni Malinen <j at> wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 08, 2008 at 11:25:36AM -0500, john dowd wrote:
>> I've downloaded the latest from both git repositories. I'm able to
>> compile the libnl library (which would not be your problem anyways)
>> but when I try to compile the hostapd daemon I get the following
>> errors:
>> driver_nl80211.c:2036: warning: implicit declaration of function
>> 'nl_handle_alloc_cb'
>> driver_nl80211.c:2047: error: too few arguments to function
>> 'genl_ctrl_alloc_cache'
>> driver_nl80211.c:2482: warning: implicit declaration of function
>> 'nl_handle_destroy'
>> Now an "objdump" on the normal libnl libraries (normal meaning, what
>> came with my distro) show that these symbols exist. A search through
>> the libnl git code show's they don't exist. Is there a particular
>> version that I have download?
> The latest release (libnl 1.1) seems to work fine. It looks like 2.0 (or
> at least the current git tree) will bring in some incompatible changes
> that are difficult to handle automatically.. For now, I added a
> configuration option (CONFIG_LIBNL20=y in .config) that can be used to
> build against the current libnl git snapshot. This compiles fine (well,
> after resolving couple of libnl build issues), but I have not tested
> whether the code actually works.
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