Compiling hostapd from git with libnl also from git...

john dowd jdowdster
Mon Dec 8 08:25:36 PST 2008

I've downloaded the latest from both git repositories. I'm able to
compile the libnl library (which would not be your problem anyways)
but when I try to compile the hostapd daemon I get the following

driver_nl80211.c: In function 'i802_init_sockets':
driver_nl80211.c:2036: warning: implicit declaration of function
driver_nl80211.c:2036: warning: assignment makes pointer from integer
without a cast
driver_nl80211.c:2047: error: too few arguments to function
driver_nl80211.c: In function 'i802_deinit':
driver_nl80211.c:2482: warning: implicit declaration of function
make: *** [driver_nl80211.o] Error 1

Now an "objdump" on the normal libnl libraries (normal meaning, what
came with my distro) show that these symbols exist. A search through
the libnl git code show's they don't exist. Is there a particular
version that I have download?

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