[PATH 0/6] some corrections and cleanups for driver_nl80211.c

Johannes Berg johannes
Sun Apr 13 00:56:29 PDT 2008


> I tried to get hostapd running with mac80211 drivers and hit some 
> problems this patch series addresses.
> 1) Use the correct nl80211 command to flush all stations
> 2) Use customizable netlink callbacks
> 3) Clone netlink callbacks instead of creating new ones
> 4) Initialize local variable
> 5) Return correct value
> 6) Do not send nl80211 message if beacon is not set yet
> The patches are rather small and I think they can be applied. Comments 
> are welcome however.

Awesome, thanks! I had been scratching my head about some of these
problems but never got around to fixing them. The only problem seems to
be that the patches are whitespace damaged, didn't I use tabs in

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