[PATCH] nl80211 driver: fix beacon interval setting

Johannes Berg johannes
Wed Apr 9 06:51:30 PDT 2008

> > To implement multi-BSS support again I really need per-BSS data in the
> > nl80211 driver. I can make it work by introducing a per-VLAN/per-BSS
> > data hash that hashes from the interface name, but I'd like to avoid
> > that. If I were to post a patch for the driver interface that does what
> > I need, would you help me adjust all the other drivers?
> Using a hash table here sounds like an optimization that is probably not
> needed (we do not really have that many BSSes..). driver_test.c has a
> simple example that uses a linked list of per-BSS structures and
> test_driver_get_bss() function to fetch one based on ifname. I would
> expect something similar to work with driver_nl80211.c, too.

True, with a small lookup function it wouldn't really matter. I'll give
it a try when I get around.

> jkmaline at cc.hut.fi address does not reach me anymore. Please use j at w1.fi
> in the future.

Right, I knew that, my automatic address book just provided the other
one :/

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