How to add new cryptographic functions?

zhangxianshi zhangxianshi03
Mon Apr 7 12:16:55 PDT 2008

Actually, I want to modify the way of TKIP generating its RC4 seed. 
But unfortunately, I can not find how TKIP implemented in wpa.c. 


> On Mon, Apr 07, 2008 at 11:12:47AM +0800, zhangxianshi wrote:
>> I want to add new cryptographic functions into wpa_supplicant and hostapd. 
>> What should I do?
>> Should I register them into some registration list like new EAP methods?
> Depends on what exactly you are adding.. "Cryptographic functions" does
> not really tell much about what this would be used for. Can you please
> provide more detailed description on what you are trying to achieve with
> these new functions?
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