Some progress with wpa_supplicant/madwifi

Igor Chudov ichudov
Fri Sep 21 17:28:44 PDT 2007

Very strange. I started the new dev version of wpa_supplicant when I
got home. It got to the stage of AUTHENTICATED, but I messed up
(forgot to pull ethernet network cable), so I aborted that attempt. 

Then it did not work for several more tries,cycling between CONNECTING
and DISCONNECTED etc. Reboot of a laptop did not help. 

Then I played with kids, went shopping etc. After about 2 hours, I
started supplicant again and it worked great. I am posting this
message from a wireless laptop.

So... While I am happy about this very moment... How come it was not
connecting, but connected in 2 hours? How can I make it connect when I
want? Maybe it is my AP that is configured for some timeouts?



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