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Tue Sep 4 04:58:42 PDT 2007

Dear Paresh,

Thats the same problem I am facing. Usin the Atheros 5212 firmware (command prompt) I am not able to test or check the 802.1x EAP based authentication or association at all. Thats whyt thinking of flashing the code into the chip and changing the conf files to check EAP based autrhentication.

Have you flashed the code or using the firmware commands? If you have flashed the code can you tell me how you did so? If you are using commands, is there any command to start or check EAP based authentication?


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         Is it possible to use wpa_supplicant to send a eapol-start frame to
destination MAC address (where 802.1X/EAP authenticator is running e.g.
hostapd)? I'm interested in only testing EAP1X authentication using EAP-TLS
over wired (ethernet) network.

- Paresh

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