WPA - AP association Issue

Dan Williams dcbw
Tue Oct 30 08:09:48 PDT 2007

On Tue, 2007-10-30 at 09:39 +0530, Mr. Maloomnahi wrote:
> Hi Bryan,
> Thanks for the valueable inputs again. This is getting productive to understand the working of hostapd / WPA.
> 1] As far as using the iw* commands are concerned, I do not use them as such If I am running the WPA Src Code. 
> 2] If I do not set the SSID, it auto scans the network (asap after ifconfig cmd) and associates to another AP in the network which does not have security / authentication activated

What AP is it authenticating with, and what is the 'iwlist ... scan'
output for that AP?  The network block you've specified will tell
wpa_supplicant to connect to an AP with the specified SSID that
advertises support for TKIP.  What you may want to do is to narrow down
that specification to match the exact AP you're interested in.  Given
the previous iwlist output you posted, you might want to use this


Your AP only supports WPA-PSK, and it only supports WPA (ie, not
RSN/WPA2).  Therefore, make sure to specify those parameters in your
configuration, and wpa_supplicant will filter out all other APs and try
only ones that match the configuration block.


> 3] So I have to use "iwconfig ath0 essid "SEMCO_AP" command and then perform the ifconfig ath0 XX.XX.XX.XX up
> 4] iwconfig ath0 key XXXX open was performed to see if the settings of WEP key and auth algorithm via command helps the device to associate perfectly
> 5] It was found that only when we perform this, the device scans the correct AP and associates to the device atleast for 1 minute.
> 6] On checking the Makefile I found that the CONFIG_BACKEND is set to "file" 
> A] Now the OBJS in the Makefile states only config.o and no "config_file.o". I guess I would have to add the object file config_file.o to the list to directly take the CONF file I specify and create the required OBJ file?
> B] Shouldnt the command I specify along with " wpa_supplicant -c XXX.conf " automatically take the CONF file for reading and compilation?
> Thanks again
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