Multiple SSID

Emmanuel Grumbach egrumbach
Wed Oct 10 02:11:30 PDT 2007

Hi list,

I searched in the code to find out if hostapd supports multiple SSID using
the same BSSID. John Linville added support for this in the mac80211 in the
last days (I would like to run hostapd on top of a mac80211 based driver).
>From what I found out, it is not supported, I need several BSSIDs if I want
multiple SSIDs. From what I saw in the spec, and in Cisco, this feature
requires to add several SSID in the same beacon (as opposed to several
beacon, one for each BSSID) with (possibly) different security definitions
for each SSID. In the code of hostapd, I could only see on SSID (unless I
was terribly blind).

Did I miss something ?
Is someone working on this already ? If no, it seems that I will begin to
work on this.


Emmanuel Grumbach
egrumbach at
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