Atheros hostapd changes

Ted Merrill ted
Mon Oct 8 22:38:53 PDT 2007

I've been asked to push back changes that Atheros has made to hostapd and is 
using internally and passing on to customers.
I'll try to push back the changes in separate pieces, beginning with the least 
dangerous changes and then working towards the biggest change of all, which 
is the addition of a hook for a WPS server.
The architecture for the WPS server is that a localhost port is used to pass 
information to and from a separate program that implements the server.

I'll try to explain the rationale for these changes, as best as i can 
determine from talking to the engineers involved in the development (i am new 
to this project).


I understand that "git" is being used, and have cloned a git repository... but 
what action should i take to push back or to have pulled back the changes i 
commit? (Take in account i've never used git before today).

Anyone else working on WPS server hooks (or WPS server integrated into 

Ted Merrill
Atheros Communications

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