Receiver code: Some questions

ahuguet at ahuguet
Mon Mar 19 03:56:23 PDT 2007

Thanks for the reply.

> If I remember correctly, station firmware can be configured to allow
> frames with invalid FCS to be delivered to the host, but this may
> require use of monitor mode (which does not work for normal AP/client
> functionality).

Yes, I think there indeed is such an option.


iwpriv wlan# monitor_allow_fcserr 1

should pass the frames with FCS errors up too. The problem is, as you
mention, that in order to have this flag, there's the need to put the card
in monitor mode. If I'm not mistaken, under that mode, the card cannot
send frames, but only analyze traffic that reaches it.

For the implementation I was seeking, though, the idea was to keep this
frames in a buffer, in order to transmit it to a 3rd station that would
try to obtain a correct information with this and other received copies of
the same frame.

Problem is that I doubt this mode change between monitor mode and ad-hoc
mode could be done through code, in an easy way (or if it could be done at

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