MacBook client drops packets

Brandon Craig Rhodes brandon
Sat Mar 10 11:04:26 PST 2007

"Casey T. Deccio" <casey at> writes:

> I'm using hostapd on Debian/etch with 2.6.17 (also tried 2.6.18) with  
> WPA-PSK mode.  Everything works fine with PowerBook G4 and iMac Intel  
> Core Duo clients, but with a MacBook Pro client, I have problems.

What version of hostap are you using?  I discovered over the last few
weeks the same sort of problems you describe, and things seemed to
improve when I un-installed the 0.5.5 version of hostap that came with
Debian, and installed the more recent hostap 0.5.7 from source instead.

Brandon Craig Rhodes   brandon at

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