MacBook client drops packets

Casey T. Deccio casey
Sat Mar 10 09:51:59 PST 2007


I'm using hostapd on Debian/etch with 2.6.17 (also tried 2.6.18) with  
WPA-PSK mode.  Everything works fine with PowerBook G4 and iMac Intel  
Core Duo clients, but with a MacBook Pro client, I have problems.   
All machines are running Mac OS 10.4.8.  The WPA group key handshake  
seems to work okay (according to the syslog), but not data is  
received on the hostap machine.  My logs show the following messages:

Mar 10 09:42:22 host kernel: wlan0: RX: dropped data frame with no  
data (type=0x02, subtype=0x08)
Mar 10 09:42:51 host last message repeated 16 times

Any ideas?

Best regards,

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