Cisco Aironet AP?

Bryan Kadzban bryan
Tue Mar 6 17:32:21 PST 2007

Mark Davis wrote:
> We don't broadcast the SSID on our APs.

Then the SSID will be a zero-length string, and it won't match.

You will need to use ap_scan=2 in this setup.  And according to the
wpa_supplicant.conf file at [1] (hint hint ;-) ), you need to specify
the correct value for key_mgmt, pairwise, group, and proto in your
network block.  You will also need to use a backend that supports it.
(The Windows NDIS backend does; I don't know about madwifi.  Actually
it's possible that the madwifi driver requires the wext backend,
depending on the madwifi version.  I'm not sure on that though.)


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