Fw: EAP-TLS problem

shantanu choudhary shantanu_843
Wed Jun 13 22:51:04 PDT 2007

hello all,
this is my output with gdb wpa_supplicant:-
(gdb) backtrace
#0  0x065f2c79 in sk_value () from /lib/libcrypto.so.6
#1  0x0677d7ad in ssl3_send_client_certificate () from /lib/libssl.so.6
#2  0x06780aaa in ssl3_connect () from /lib/libssl.so.6
#3  0x06791d4a in SSL_connect () from /lib/libssl.so.6
#4  0x0805f4d2 in tls_connection_handshake (ssl_ctx=0x9929210, conn=0x992ab00, in_data=0x993e5f0 "\026\003\001", in_len=1715, out_len=0x992aac8, 
    appl_data=0xbf8c7b7c, appl_data_len=0xec835356) at tls_openssl.c:1816
#5  0x0805ddab in eap_tls_process_helper (sm=0x9920490, data=0x992aac0, eap_type=EAP_TYPE_TLS, peap_version=0, id=3 '\003', 
    in_data=0x993e17a "\026\022root at localhost.com0\201\2370\r\006\t*\206H\206?\r\001\001\001\005", in_len=691, out_data=0xbf8c7bd0, out_len=0x99204d8)
    at eap_tls_common.c:392
#6  0x08051669 in eap_tls_process (sm=0x9920490, priv=0x992aac0, ret=0xbf8c7c18, reqData=0x993e170 "\001\003\002?\r\200", reqDataLen=701, 
    respDataLen=0x99204d8) at eap_tls.c:166
#7  0x0805b744 in sm_EAP_METHOD_Enter (sm=0x9920490, global=<value optimized out>) at eap.c:322
#8  0x0805c7fb in eap_sm_step (sm=0x9920490) at eap.c:648
#9  0x08059f06 in eapol_sm_step (sm=0x9920868) at eapol_sm.c:861
#10 0x0805a839 in eapol_sm_rx_eapol (sm=0x9920868, src=0xbf8c86a4 "", buf=0xbf8c7d9c "\001", len=705) at eapol_sm.c:1199
#11 0x08070538 in wpa_supplicant_rx_eapol (ctx=0x99202b0, src_addr=0xbf8c86a4 "", buf=0xbf8c7d9c "\001", len=705) at wpa_supplicant.c:1946
#12 0x080511c7 in l2_packet_receive (sock=8, eloop_ctx=0x99299b0, sock_ctx=0x0) at l2_packet_linux.c:89
#13 0x0804ec58 in eloop_sock_table_dispatch (table=0x808a728, fds=0x992a910) at eloop.c:159
#14 0x0804f2d9 in eloop_run () at eloop.c:474
#15 0x0806ef8b in wpa_supplicant_run (global=0x9920268) at wpa_supplicant.c:2573
#16 0x08074f81 in main (argc=Cannot access memory at address 0x1
) at main.c:261

regards shantanu

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