Help on hostp acting as RADIUS Server

Preethi Mohan
Thu Jul 26 22:09:47 PDT 2007

   I am going through the authenticator implementation of hostap ie
hospapd-0.5.8.When I went through the developer notes I came to know that it
can act as a standlone authenticator as well as a backend authenticator
(with the help of a RADIUSserver).In addition it can act as a RADIUS server
  I want to configure the code to act as a backend authenticator (ie
authentication using a RADIUS server) .Instead of an external RADIUS
Server,can I use the RADIUS Server with hostap for this purpose.Is it
possible to use a single instance of hostap to act as both back end
authenticator and RADIUS Server for that authenticator.Or else do I have to
run two instances of hostap ie one acting as backend authenticator and
another one acting as RADIUS Server.Can anyone please help me out.

Thanks in advance

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