WPA wifi. Help please! (I am desperate)

Bryan Kadzban bryan
Thu Jul 26 15:12:52 PDT 2007

Hash: RIPEMD160

David wrote:
> I have a router encrypted with WPA, I have the key, hexadecimal and 
> 26 characters long,

WPA keys' hex values are not 26 characters long.  However, WEP-104 keys
are.  (WEP-104 is also sometimes called WEP-128 by vendors that try to
make it seem better than it really is.  It only uses 104 bits' worth of
key material.  104 bits is 13 bytes, which is 26 hex characters.)

> "NOTE: the 'wpa-psk' value is only valid if: 1) It is a plaintext
> (ascii) string between 8 and 63 characters in length 2) It is a
> hexadecimal string of 64 characters".

Yep, that's right.  WPA-PSK keys are 32 bytes (256 bits) long, which is
64 characters.  There's also a hash function that will combine an ASCII
string (<=63 characters' worth) with the SSID to generate a 256-bit key.

> So, what about my 26 character hexadecimal key?

It's a WEP(-104) key, not a WPA key.  :-)
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