wpa supplicant can't associate the same ap again

Bryan Kadzban bryan
Wed Jul 11 04:00:51 PDT 2007

Hash: RIPEMD160

wang baisheng wrote:
> But when I down my wlan interface and then associate again. The
> output is "Authentication with 00:00:00:00:00:00 timed out". But
> after I do the following operation : "iwconfig eth1 essid "xxxx"",
> here the xx is another ap essid, then I try wpa supplicant again.
> Everything is ok. Why ?

Anyone trying to debug this is going to need more detail than what's
been provided.  Run wpa_supplicant with the -dd option (increase
debugging level twice), and it'll spit out tons of info.  (You may want
to redirect to a file.)  Post that info.

Also, it would help to know more details of your setup: OS, wireless
chipset, kernel driver, wpa_supplicant driver, wpa_supplicant version, etc.

(I'm guessing this is the same issue as your previous mail, but without
the extra info, I have no way of knowing for sure.  I suspect both cases
are happening because wpa_supplicant isn't being informed of the
reassociation, so it isn't updating some internal state.  But when you
manually associate to a new AP, it gets notified.)
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