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Cristian Atria catriac
Wed Jan 3 20:18:49 PST 2007

My secondary firmware (I tried 1.8.3 and 1.8.4) does not always load on my
dwl520 (revE) pci wi-fi card. Once I boot, if the firmware does not load,
the problem will be persistent until a lucky reboot. On lucky reboots (or
shutdowns, who knows), everything works fine. I'm under the impression that
the card works when  windows shuts down my dual boot PC.  Sorry if this
problem already has a workaround, but I couldn't find it by googling it.

Details on my configuration:

hostap_pci ver 0.4, and dwl540 revE on linux mandriva 2007, kernel

Dmesg, lspci, console logs, modinfo attached.

Thanks for your help.
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