Netgear MA311 firmware update, some strage "warnings"

Laurento Frittella laurento.frittella
Fri Dec 28 15:50:38 PST 2007

> If you want to first test a newer firmware version without upgrading the
> device flash, you may be able to run the RAM downloadable version ('-r'
> on prism2_srec command line).

Ok now I know -s it's "bad" in my case...

For "problem" I mean these messages:
"Could not find data position for plugging PDR 0x0413 at 0x0000118a
PDR 0x0413 is not in wlan card PDA and there is no default data.
Ignoring plug record.
Allowing S3 overlap due to CRC-16 signature at 0x007e17fe (was: ffff)"

And I'd like to test 1.8.2 before flash it but I haven't found any AK...
and RF... only PK and SF for this version and 1.8.4 seems to have
problems with "long distance" so I thought to try with 1.8.2 (as
suggested in the first website I've linked).


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