wpa_gui-qt4 status

Jouni Malinen j
Thu Dec 27 20:23:24 PST 2007

On Fri, Dec 28, 2007 at 01:22:46PM +1000, Kel Modderman wrote:

> A year or so ago, it was suggested to stick with the QT3 wpa_gui variant for a 
> while, because the port to QT4 was incomplete (and still required QT3 compat 
> stuff).
> The last few commits seemed to change this, is wpa_gui-qt4 now pretty good to 
> use?

Yes, I would say so. As far as functionality and fixes are concerned, it
is now actually even better than Qt3 version and I'm more likely to do
future development with the Qt4 version while Qt3 version is mainly
maintained only for backwards compatibility for systems that do not have

I'm now using Qt4 on my Linux system and consequently, the wpa_gui-qt4
version seems more natural one to work with. In addition, I just changed
the Windows binary builds to use the native Qt4 version (they had always
used Qt4 toolchain, but until today, they were using the old wpa_gui
directory with Qt3 support in Qt4).

> On a related note, I see these warnings when starting the current wpa_gui-qt4:
> $ wpa_gui
> QObject::connect: Connecting from COMPAT signal (QAction::activated())

I don't see these on either Linux (Qt 4.3.2) or Windows (Qt 4.3.3)
builds. Which version of Qt are you using? This is clearly documented to
be Qt3 compatibility signal, but it is somewhat surprising that it is
still working.. Anyway, I'll fix that by changing the activated()
signals to triggered() which seems to be the new name for this QAction

> Also, when I start wpa_gui, and the supplicant has already successfully
> connected to a network predefined in the network configurion (id=1 in this
> case), the network id presented in the 'Network:' combo box is set to '0', and
> if I attempt to change this to '1' (which is currently active network) in an
> attempt to modify that networks settings, connection is lost and the
> supplicant seems to experience difficulties (trying to reassociate to
> an already associated-to network?). Log attached.
> Network 0 is the catch all associate-to-any-open network block.
> Update: If I open wpa_cli, and attempt to `select_network 1` and already
> connected to network id=1, the same thing happens.

wpa_gui and wpa_cli should behave pretty much same here as far as
network selection is concerned. The only difference would be in the way
wpa_gui automatically updates that combo box and that may sometimes be a
bit confusing..

Based on a quick look through the log, this looks like a potential
driver issue since wpa_supplicant seems to be trying to associate, but
driver does not react to this in any way or well, at least not in a way
that is visible to wpa_supplicant. Which driver are you using?

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