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Bhasker C V bhasker
Tue Dec 18 17:56:49 PST 2007

On Wed, 19 Dec 2007, hce wrote:

> Hi,
> I am using dhcp client to get assigned IP address from the server
> after calling wpa_supplicant. But, it seems that the dhcp client could
> not get IP address without a nameserver in resolv.conf. I can manully
> add a nameserver to the resolv.conf on my home AP. But, if I take my
> device to the street, I don't have knowledge of the nameserver for
> that street AP. So, the question are:
> (a) How can I create the nameserver in resolv.conf dynamically before
> calling the dhcp client?
  The nameserver information present in the AP must be needed by the
AP only and not used in the process of association.
  However, DHCP is configured to send the nameserver information. I think
the DHCP server may be misconfigured. Can you try connecting the machine
through a wired network ?  The result may be same. dhcpd.conf file must
have an entry
  option domain-name-servers   a.b.c.d;

> (b) The wpa_supplicant does not need an IP address or nameserver to
> scan the APs, can the wpa_supplicant get the nameserver or IP address
> from the scanning AP process?
wpa supplicant establishes connection at the Layer 2 of OSI layer and
so there is no need for wpa_supplicant to be aware of the higher layers
like layer 3 where the ip address comes into picture.

Try troubleshooting the DHCP server...

> Thank you.
> Kind Regards,
> Jim
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