wpa_supplicant: "LEAP (note: requires special support from the driver)"

Dan Williams dcbw
Thu Dec 13 06:51:18 PST 2007

On Thu, 2007-12-13 at 01:11 +0100, LTI. - Ticmanis, Linards wrote:
> Hello to all of you,
> is there someone in here who could help me with this note found on the wpa_supplicant website?
>     "* LEAP (note: requires special support from the driver)"
> What exactly does my driver have to do extra to support LEAP? Is it another ioctl or some such?

It needs to support the SIOCSIWAUTH call and the IW_AUTH_80211_AUTH_ALG
sub-command.  Into which you pass IW_AUTH_ALG_LEAP.  The driver _should_
support LEAP correctly, but I have never tested LEAP with libertas.

> The driver I'm working on is basically an older version of the marvell-libertas code found in the most recent Linux kernel (currently, changing my project to that kernel is not yet possible for other resons). LEAP-based WPA works fine, but I can't find a way to get "LEAP with dynamic WEP keys" working.

Could you say which exact kernel version you're using?

Can you provide some debug output (libertas_debug=0x43a7 is usually
pretty good) of an attempted association using LEAP?

What firmware version and interface (CF, SDIO, USB) are you using?


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