EAP peer implementation from wpa_supplicant as a library

Alan DeKok aland
Sun Dec 9 09:01:24 PST 2007

Jouni Malinen wrote:
> In addition, I just added a simple example program that shows how to
> interact with the EAP peer and EAP server code. The Makefile for this
> program shows how to build a library with EAP functionality and the
> example program is linked against that library.

  With minor Makefile hacks to create "libeap.so" rather than
"libeap.a".  Yes, that does appear to work.

++[pap] returns noop
  rad_check_password:  Found Auth-Type eap2
auth: type "eap2"
+- entering group authenticate
  rlm_eap: Request found, released from the list
EAP-TLV: TLV Result - Success - requested Success
==> Success
++[eap2] returns ok
Sending Access-Accept of id 10 to port 32852


> The example code is available from my Git repository at http://w1.fi/ in
> a new top level directory, eap_example. This makes it easier for me to
> find areas in the interface between EAP and EAPOL (or other protocol
> using EAP) and I would expect that some of the interfaces will change
> during 0.6.x development to clear these, so please do not expect the
> interfaces to be fixed at this point.


  Alan DeKok.

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